Decoupage Murals

See the making of the Rose Dancer mural on video by Brockley’s own documentary film maker, Kai Clear

Decoupage mural at Magi’s Gift in Brockley of the owner’s favourite picture, Rose Dancer, by Erte

Foxhil Manor Media Room Golden Era Comics Mural

An immense mural of Golden Era comic book heros for the media room in the luxury, private house hotel, Foxhill Manor. This country estate nestles in the unfeasibly beautiful Cotswolds which we enjoyed over the three full days to create this one in the known universe superheroes mural 8.2 metres x 2m



Pimp Shuei Kung Fu Cocktail Bar Classic Movies Mural

London’s Number One Kung Fu Themedcocktail dive bar might look like its always been there, because it just had to be there, but its been years in the making, the research the planning, the networking all the genius of the proprietor of this fine establishment.  He had the vision from the start, and it was an honor to be part of it.  The mural was just one part, we also did the awesome though I say so myself, cocktail tables.

Atom Studio Fabric Design Posters Mural

This mural featured the fabric design trade show posters that travel all over the world and compete for the attention of fabric buyers for every high street fashion house. Once their work is done,  funky punky fabric designs, used to get rolled up and stored away. Instead, we created this studio showcase mural, it was facinating to see the artists work showcased side by side, as a body of work instead of by time,  trade show by trade show.










Decoupage Upcycling

We say NO! to the skip - unless its rescuing things out of it, that is. We create decoupage swans from ugly ducklings - from the scuffed and unloved and good for the tip we create a range of furniture and home accessories.


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